Friday, June 7, 2013

Tonight we are playing LVCS  with Fear Factory. Show starts at 8pm. Tickets available until 6pm today for $25 through Chris at 702-806-3958 or email We can accept paypal and will call if needed.

Next Friday, June 14th we're playing the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, Ca. Tickets are available here for only $12, be sure you say you're coming to see .bipolar. Show starts at 8pm, we play at 11:30pm.

Also, as a Las Vegas native Charlie spent most of her high school nights and weekends at the Huntridge theater. When she first started fronted bands in Sacramento she had always hoped to one day hold the mic on the Huntridge's stage. Unfortunately in 2004 the Huntridge was closed.

Now, nine years later a group of heroes has a plan to get the Huntridge back to or better than it's original glory.

Check out their website and IndiGoGo Fundraising Campaign here: