Forming in 2003 in Sacramento .bipolar has worked hard to establish themselves as a strong DIY female fronted metal band. In 2004 they were recognized with an award from the Sacramento News & Review for Best local Metal/Hard Rock Band. After four albums, a few line-up changes and numerous shows vocalist Charlie and drummer Brian Hanks moved to Las Vegas in 2008.

 Shortly after relocating the duo found bass player Chris Kmit and a former guitar player with whom they recorded Valley of Fire in 2010 and  Amor Fati in November 2012 which features six songs. In August of 2013 Brian Jackson (formerly of Kreep, Skinlab and Society 1) took over on guitar.

 A force of intense emotion and rage, .bipolar. has played countless shows all over the West Coast with thousands of local and national bands (Some of our favorites : Fear Factory, Motograter, American Head Charge, Asesino, Spineshank, Will Haven, Death Valley High)